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As the first non-profit market in Rhode Island, our mission is to bring sustainability and locally-sourced, nutrient rich produce to our community while benefiting our farmers.

Harvest Market was conceptualized in 2016 when two of the founders were abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark. Seeing the culture of local produce, neighborhood farms and public space inspired us to create our own community space back home in Newport. When we first started, we quickly realized how small of a percentage farmers are paid by supermarkets. By acting as a non-profit, Harvest is able to give more back to the farmers. They deserve it.

With access to local produce, we are also granted access to produce that has not been traveling for days in a truck, devoid of all nutrients once had. Instead, our farmers help supply the Newport area with the most ripe, nutrient-rich produce on the island.

We are always moving towards higher goals of sustainability and quality. If your company would like to inquire about shelf space or a partnership, please fill out the Contact Form at the bottom of the page!



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Sunday 8AM-3PM

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